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PLATINUM Level Membership


Platinum is your full







Expect to be supported, and expect results, however firstly, be aware, you will need to pass initial screening in order to be accepted. The word ‘unlimited’ is used a lot here, we really must make sure you are ready and suitable for this program.


  • Your online training program.
  • One bonus guide available per month.
  • Limited access to blogs, interviews, recordings.
  • Regular and unlimited email access with Coach and support staff.
  • Coaching Program designed and delivered by your expert to your specific needs.
  • Up to 6 sessions with your Coach throughout the month.
  • Coach available for short, pep talks, advice, mentoring, over phone/Skype/Wechat.
  • Complimentary Myers Brigs and Wealth Dynamics Assessment at the 3 month mark.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Personal Development and Influence training.
  • Learn to Coach resources and education. (Begins after month 6Discounts apply for members of Dream Trips, paying in 6 months in advance, bringing another member into the program.

Discounts apply for members of Dream Trips, paying in 6 months in advance, bringing another member into the program.



Please note the following conditions:

    1. On completion of each level: Self Mastery, Neuro Leadership and, Coaching & Communications, there are assessments and log book requirements for your certification. 
    2. We will not certify anyone that does not meet minimum standards of competencies. Those that soar may be asked to join us as Coaches on completion of their certification.
    3. GOLD and PLATINUM level may also wish to purchase additional membership such as Noomii, ICF, or join Australia’s largest private Coaching triad group at a later date in their training. We will help you achieve membership and join other associations at discounted rates whenever available.
    4. We will also help you with attaining your first paying clients however ultimately it is up to you.
    5. Coaching can be a challenging and very rewarding. It has its ups and downs. Members are encouraged to commit to long-term success. This is not a get rich quick scheme. However to say you can not succeed and have everything you want in life more quickly would be a limiting belief.
    6. You will need a minimum 1 hour per week, however, certification will require additional work to ensure training is up to ICF Standards.
    7. We will show you all the ins and outs. Practically hold your hand until your ready to soar. The only problem you’re going to have is that you didn’t start earlier
    8. Our program is only advertised through Referrals and your success is vital to our success. Only share our course with the appropriate audience.



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