Ready For Take Off?

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller


sad-emoticanFed up?

sad-emoticanDread  work?

sad-emoticanFeeling uninspired?

sad-emoticanTrapped  in  the  Rat Race?

sad-emoticanNot realizing  your full potential?

sad-emoticanMissing  much  needed opportunities?

sad-emoticanWish  you  could  get paid to do your thing?

sad-emoticanNot  sure how to turn  your passion into a career?

Stop tolerating bullshit!

Stop wasting your life.

Come step up, and step into:

 Neuro Leadership Mastery

12 Month to a SUPER HUMAN YOU.

Super Human YOU

Realistically, we can all do, be and have much more.

But even Superman came from a supportive family.

It’s 2016. There is no need to go it alone.

We’ve all been motivated before.

Just because you get motivated doesn’t your going to stay motivated.

Even if you are highly motivated and taking action it’s not necessarily going to get you where you want to go.

There is a huge difference between being busy, and being effective.

As I explain in the following video, it’s not about being motivated.

It’s more than that. But not necessarily out of your reach.

We believe you don’t need another book. You don’t need another short course, a short answer or more advice.


We believe the best way forward is to partner with not just with some one who is 110% focused on bringing out your best, but become part of a small family that is focused on bringing out the best in each other.

Your Coach will be there to check in with you on a weekly basis. As you progress through our program to a Super Human you, you will learn the steps to master your life. But then you will continue learning and developing. Before you know it, you will be taking other participants through Coaching, Therapy and Mentoring sessions.

In fact, it is our goal, that 80% of our participants will progress to become professional Coaches, Mentors or Trainers.



“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Henry Ford


Expect your cash flow and earning ability to rise sharply. If money is big factor for you, make it a big focus and you will get even bigger results. If turning around your business or career is your priority, make it a big focus and again, that is where you will get big results.

This program focuses on accessing your excellence. It’s accelerating you to what you choose to focus on. You choose your focus. We focus on building your focus muscle, positive habits, a supportive environment, and helping you bring out your best.

We are consistently introducing more positive behaviours and rituals into your life in slow and precise methods with pre-planned checks to ensure their maintained.

This program is going to give you a fresh perspective on living a fully expressed life.

Expect your personal effectiveness, cash flow, relationships to improve greatly. Expect to start waking up better and better each morning to a fantastically fresh and nutritious day. Expect to see a new level of excellence rising from a new SUPER HUMAN YOU.

Our guarantee, complete the weekly check in and action, and you will get results. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you get 100% Money Back*. Either way, you’re really going to enjoy the process.


Our program is broken into 3 parts

Self Mastery


Neuro Leadersip


Coaching & Communication


Self Mastery:

“The Ultimate Knowledge is Self-Knowledge” Bruce Lee


You have a DEEP DESIRE to become the very best version of yourself.

You have negative emotions or negative traits that you feel are affecting your success or happiness in life.

You find yourself often feeling unsatisfied or let down by others behaviours. Friends, family, work colleagues, partners.

You want to create more abundance in your life. Attract more money and better relationships.

In this section of our program, we will take you on a journey to make you understand how to truly start your journey of Self Mastery.

We start by taking a snap shot of where you are now and where you want to be in future (although that may change and grow promptly).

You will also be exposed to self-hypnosis. You will find yourself being strongly supported both consciously and unconsciously as leading certified coaches practically hold your hand and guide you through some of the best personal development practices currently known.

We progress with really simple steps, building the habits of taking regular steps which lead you through a greater, deeper and stronger sense of Self Mastery. You will be given the opportunity to dive deep into self-discovery and develop your connection and self-love.  As you reinforce self-acceptance, your self-confidence and self-awareness also grows.

Expect to start drinking more water.

Expect to start becoming more efficient.

Expect to develop those habits you always wanted in your life.

Through easy regular steps, we create permanent changes to our daily routines and habits.



Neuro Leadership:

“You are born with only two fears: fear of falling and fear of loud noise. All the rest is learned. And it’s a lot of work!” Richard Bandler, Co-Creator of NLP


Ideally, you are curios about how your brain works and want to fully use it rather than just get by.

Brain hacks, memory techniques, neuro-plasticity, how to guides or self-improvement kind of ‘turns you on’.

You are already well aware that the world around you is predetermined by your thought patterns and internal filters or glasses that you see the world through.

You see value in understanding the core needs of ALL HUMAN BEHAVIOUR.

You are well aware of the power of the unconscious, yet you’re not fully accessing its powers. Perhaps you want to program your RAS for more success and wealth.

In this section of our program, you will learn a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro Leadership, Emotional/Social/Leadership Intelligence. You will learn how to actually use strategies and tactics from these subjects and implement this into your day to day life. As our training progresses we move more and more towards how you will use these skills in conversation and change work for influencing others. You will be working on implementing these skills you in your sales, social, and intimate relationships. All your relationships have the potential to grow.

Expect to be able to apply and explain the topics to others.

Expect to start consciously choosing actions, milestones and future journeys, and how to program that into your unconscious.

Expect to start becoming a wizard for assisting others with self-mastery and change.

Expect to develop unconscious competence.


Coaching and Communications Mastery:

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” Thomas Berger


Ideally you have a burning desire to unlock the secrets to building strong, lasting, positive relationship. You see great value in the ability to lead and help others lead themselves to prosperity.

Your wealth is the average of your friends and well, your friends aren’t really wealthy. You would like to influence them and everyone you care about more positively.

You’re aware that your life is largely shaped by the quality and who you have relationships with on a daily basis.

You are wanting to step into more powerful roles and step up as a leader for positive change in the world.

You may or may not want to become a professional coach.

You know that Coaching is accompanied by a powerful level of understanding to help yourself and others achieve self-actualization.

In this section of our program, we will take you on a journey to ensure you can lead and communicate exceptionally. It’s about living a FULL life. A life that you choose, rather than one that’s been shaped by your society, your environment or your circumstances.

While continuing building the SUPER HUMAN YOU and your unconscious excellence you are invited to start building your very own coaching practice. We start putting everything together along with guidance on the business side of the house so are becoming world class and inspiring others in the process.

In this part of the program you will be placed into a ‘Coaching Triad’ where you will be assigned a client to coach every fortnight and you will have extra coaching from another trainee coach.

You will have the choice of who is your professional coach, and you may choose to be mentored along either a pathway for entering into official accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or developing your own lifestyle consulting/coaching business.


“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”
Bill Gates



Because your making all these changes step by step, with a professional by your side so much more is achievable and ultimately what this means to you is complete transformation is not just achievable, it’s just a few steps away.

However, you do not have to take my words for granted.

Check out the PUBLIC references of our course founder Adrian Cahill on Linkedin, or the video testimonials and countless endorsements.





Proven strategies gathered from world-class experts.


We spent years reading books and taking notes on the best advice on life purpose that exists. This course is full of insights from exceptional people:

  • Self-made millionaires
  • Best-selling authors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academics & PhD’s
  • Psychology & performance researchers
  • Self-help gurus
  • Spiritual gurus
  • Coaches & therapists
  • World leaders



What You’ll Learn DO Throughout Your Program

  • Discover & build on your natural talents
  • Master the art of successful creating habits
  • Build your own positive rituals and fantastic morning routines
  • Waking up with more energy & purpose
  • Bring more enjoyment to your daily routines
  • Work with more passion, creativity and success.
  • Develop your own vision, mission and strategic plan
  • Explore & prioritise your values
  • Live a truly rewarding & purposeful life
  • Experience emotional detox & build resistance
  • Understand & capitalize on Neuro plasticity
  • How to discover your top 5 strengths & natural genius
  • What your impact in the world should be
  • How to identify & manage your biggest fears
  • How to decode people & know how they work
  • How to triple your influence, confidence & self-value
  • How to think more tactically & strategically
  • Understand the truth about goal setting
  • Discover & utilize your own unique goal setting personality
  • Develop your own millionaire and ultimate success plan



What are the requirements for certifications?

  • Certification for Self Mastery and Neuro Leadership available on completion of all required study. (Approx 104 hours)
  • Certification for our Coaching and Communications Mastery available on completion of additional study. (Approx 62 hours for ICF Core Competencies 26 hours for Business Creation).
  • Relaxed and opened minded approach to simple and complex challenges.
  • A non-negotiable, 1 hour per week focused session dedicated to your program at a fixed and agreed time. IE. Every Tuesday 7-8pm.
  • An additional 2 hours per week self paced study. Can be done in transit times but must be logged.
  • An ability or willingness to step out of your head and work ‘on your life’ or ‘on your business’ rather than constantly being bogged down in it.
  • 100% commitment to your success.
  • Pass our selection process.
  • We only accept team players. You may be asked to represent our organisation or assist others in workshops.



What am I going to get from this program?

  • Each week expect 5 to 40 minutes of structured content. The ‘lessons’ or framework for your journey.
  • For GOLD or PLATINUM members regular contact with your trainers.
  • Massively enhance your assertiveness and effectiveness.
  • Increases in your earning capacity.
  • Massive increases to your sex appeal and status.
  • Reprogramming or release of negative thought patterns which relate to self-worth, relationships, sex, and money.
  • Boosting all areas of your life that you choose to focus on.
  • Deep effective complete transformation.
  • Ability to run your own practice or program helping others.


People holding pieces of a jigsaw


Who is this program designed for?

  • The first 12 months of this course is ideal for anyone wanting to massively develop their ability as future world leaders. In 12 months you could be certified in Self Mastery and Neuro Leadership.
  • Once members start showing proficiency in Neuro Leadership we start introducing more and more coaching opportunities and the Coaching Triads. (When you coach another person and also coached by a trainee coach)
  • The full program is designed to produce high performing coaches which outperform NLP practitioners or average well trained Coaches and to see that our graduates have their own paying clients before completing certifications. Our graduates will be supported if they seek ICF Accreditation. (Hence over 60 hours of ICF Core Competency Training & 10 hours Coach Mentoring)
  • The full program is ideal for those wanting earn certifications while building  their own business. We provide great value by providing the right training at the right time.
  • This program is suitable but not designed for NLP Practitioners. If you are a practitioner, therapist or coach and want to learn how to develop your practice you may like to apply for a tailor made program.
  • This program is not a quick fix, a magic pill or get rich quick system. It is a system for rapidly and systematically taking you through 1 to 2 levels of psychological development and for the coaches, learn to take others through the process.




Each week you must dedicate 1 hour a week to your own Self Mastery and an additional 2 hours to your study program. As you enter the coaching phase of the program, you may choose to be a part of a Coaching Triad. If you choose to join, you will be committing yourself to practicing coaching sessions with other trainee coaches around the world. You will be coaching them on real challenges. We don’t do any pretend coaching.

Provided you meet these conditions, you will get results. Meet these conditions and don’t get results, your money is refunded. Program fees are paid 6 months in advance or monthly through an automatic subscription (Paypal or Credit Card).

I’m much more than satisfied and happy to say I gained so much extra benefits. Apart from great friendships and insights, I found a golden land as I'd love to describe it. I've seen more clearly my life goals, reconnected to my heart and acknowledged my fragile side.. so much inner stuff I wouldn't ask myself about. The workshops changed me and I can’t wait to be coached regularly. I know it is going to change my heart mind connection forever...
The workshop and course is really fantastic. Regularly attending at Shanghai. I really look forward to learning more from this course. Henar is going to Coach me and I’m excited to start the rest of my life.
Great taster, great delivery! great energy. A relaxed creative space that empowered the group to be open and share freely. Thank you to all active participants. We all have the power to get the life we want, discovering our positive intention is the key. Looking forward to starting the full program.
Getting inspired and motivated by like-minded people in this group is a really rewarding and enjoyable experience for me. Adi is definitely one of the most awesome trainers I’ve met. He guided me to view things and myself through a brand-new angle. 在这个小组中总能够收获很多的启发和鼓励。Adi是我见过最牛叉的培训师之一,他思维独特,总能启发我以全新的角度看待问题。
Only great workshops are organised by Adrian! Super useful information. Tips that you can apply right on without any special skills. I find his session well prepared, with the topics smoothly connected to each other and clearly delivered! This program is already looking super. Thank you, Adrian and Shane!
If you're looking for personal growth and development, this is the place. Not only does Adrian know what he's talking about, he can also explain it in a way that anybody can understand and tailors it to his audience. If you're interested in growing, the things he teaches will be extremely valuable to you and it will be worth so much.
Stanton Wong
I've been recently searching for some new friends that can get me to challenge myself, sharpen my skills (Hell, even discover my skills for that matter), and get out there and do something that's going to make me feel better about myself. Well I found that group, and if your anything like me, stop by and see if you catch the same feeling!
Aaron Wallace


Introductory Level

$99 USD per Month (Budget Minded)
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Levels gold

$290USD per Month (Our Most Popular Prgoram)
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Levels platnum

$690USD per Month (Unlimited Support Included)
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Your Coach and program administrators are happy to answer any questions.


*   If your not completely happy with your program. All you need to do is show that you have met the bare minimum requirements of the program and we will promptly issue a full refund . Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee is valid for the first 60 days of starting your program.

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